Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Elena is four years old!

I had just written a post to this blog about reading books and electricity when the electricity went out here in paradise, Chimuri Cottages, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. It happens on a regular basis. I was worrying about my granddaughter not reading -- because of the attraction of TV, computers, cell phones, games, etc. etc. Already her mother's generation has been wooed away from reading. But I also gave kudoes to the teacher librarians who are making use of technology to entice young people to read books! This is one of the themes of our CSLA Conference, November 19-21 in Ontario, Calif. which I helped plan, but won't be able to attend.
Elena was thrilled to get this book for her birthday. She had already seen the movie and received a stuffed "Wild Thing" from her Dad. I understand the movie wasn't that good -- she fell asleep. But I also think that movies like that are made often for adults.
So this will be short so I can post it before I lose electricity again.
Here's to reading and a future that will include books. I don't think you can replace them as they do not depend on electricity. Of course, they may have to be handwritten in future!