Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've been back from Costa Rica for two months. So far it has been non-stop trying to restore central funding for library aides (paraprofessionals) in LAUSD elementary schools, and Teacher Librarians in the middle schools. It has been an uphill battle. Our district does not value libraries, does not mention libraries in any literature about cuts to our schools. From the superintendent, board members, to the teachers' and aides' unions, there is no concern that our children will not have equal access to books and computer literacy in our vast, and multicultural district. Our students have few books at home if any, and little access to bookstores. In addition, our public libraries are cutting hours. This is a crime! We have written and advocated all over Los Angeles. We have collected over 1700 letters in support from the public. What will happen to our students who are already behind in their educational level? No access to books means no access to developing a love of reading and becoming life long learners.