Friday, September 4, 2009

43 Things

I am not exactly bored, but inspired by the 23 things to learn more. So I headed to the page that lists 43 things we list makers could do, many of which include some of the 23 things. The first one I went to was so I could plot a map showing all the countries I've visited. I feel fortunate to have traveled a bit, as well as lived in two other countries for a year each. These experiences were invaluable. As a child my family lived in many places due to political persecution, yes, here in this great country. Then, when I was 16, I had the great fortune to be sent to Huejotitan, Mexico to build the irrigation ditch for the orchard of an orphanage in this tiny pueblo. It was my first enounter with another country, and I loved it because I wasn't a tourist, I was a worker. I and my friends built the ditch, vaccinated pigs, ran a nursery school for the village children, ate beans and eggs and tortillas, and generally lived an unpriviledged life for a month. What a wonderful education for a teenager!! After that, it was difficult to travel as a tourist. I felt I should somehow make a contribution. And I still feel that way. I hope to find out what is needed in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica when I am there. I plan to take some children's books with me, although I'll have to pay extra. Children of the earth deserve books!!! We throw away books that many would treasure. I just sent 8 books to Tanzania where my dear friend is teaching and it cost $42. Wow!! More later.

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