Sunday, July 22, 2012

Charles Kramer's ties to Obama's Health Care Program

On July 17th I was taking a Google research class and learned how to research "news" by confining the search to any date I wanted.  In doing so I came across a great photo of my father testifying at the Senate Internal Securities committee -- before Rep. Richard Nixon, I believe -- about his work in the New Deal and his ties to "communism".   Meanwhile, after finding several "news" references to my father and his "comrades" Nathan Witt andJohn Abt, all of whom worked for the Agricultural Adjustment Administration in the 30's, I casually entered my father's name in the Web search box.  Strangely enough, a story came up that astonished me.  My father wrote the original health bill in 1947 for Senator Claude Pepper of Florida that sadly wasn't passed, but that somehow is linked to Obama's health care plan.  A right-wing ideologue published a book about Frank Marshall Davis, a friend of Obama's grandfather, who this ideologue says was Obama's mentor in Hawaii when Obama was TEN YEARS OLD.  So because this man was a "communist" and knew Claude Pepper, he must have told Obama about Dad's "socialized medicine" healthcare bill.  What is the Sir Walter Scott quote-- "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!" Clearly these right-wing ideologues are so intent on discrediting Obama that they will say anything without foundation.  This man even admits he has no proof.  But meanwhile he writes an entire book.  Oh what a scary world we live in!!  Here is a website that "proves" Obama's tainted ties to caring about humanity.  Please don't believe these people.  The majority of developed countries in the world have "socialized medicine".  In fact, Obama's health care should be single-payer health care.  In fact, this is what these right-wing ideologues truly fear -- real health care for all.


  1. I really enjoyed getting to see the photo of your father.

    And, what a crazy web this Kengor is weaving in his article and book!

    I strongly agree that what we really need in the United States is a single-payer health care system that would truly provide universal coverage. I can only hope that some day the U.S. will join the many other countries that already have such care.

  2. Love your comments Jane!! I so agree. This would be so helpful to the 99%.

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  5. I see that the original statement from Charles Kramer’s daughter about her father remained on the blog, however, my response has been deleted by the “administrator.” Wow! I did, in fact, know the author’s parents quite well.
    I respect anonymity on blogs, and I assume she does, too, but I also have a rigorous respect for accurate history and whatever I write is open to intelligent response, which is precisely why blogs exist. I understand her natural wish to defend her father, however, the facts reveal that he was indeed a communist. There is a mountain of evidence regarding Charles and Mildred Kramer’s clandestine political activities, aimed at the destruction of capitalism and the institution of Marxist, Soviet dominated communism, which the party required for membership. Surely she must know this, but if not, she might educate herself with the facts, as disturbing as they might be.
    I’ll address one issue at a time. The notion that Charles (Charlie) was not a “communist” is not credible. His own biography, written at the request of the KGB states:
    “I officially joined the CP in 1930, although I had participated in CP work for two years beforehand. I was there for all the organizational changes in the Washington group of the CP that have taken place since I joined, with the exception of the three years I spent in the NY Party organization, of which I am currently a member…In NY, my wife worked as a courier at first, and subsequently in various oth (sp) positions, and worked for center (CPUSA headquarters) under “Peter’s” {Josef Peters’s} leadership. I am not familiar with the nature of the work. My wife joined the CP officially in 1934 after several years of active work, which she carried out in the party group at the University of California, Berkeley. Three sisters and two out of three brothers are also CP members; they joined in 1930.” (Note: My underlines).
    If you are still unconvinced with all of the internet references, the translated KGB files, the Venona decryptions from WWII and the many books with detailed information about the Kramers’ significant communist activities, you might also read another book by Hope Hale Davis entitled “Great Day Coming: A Memoir of the 30’s.” She died in 2004 at age 101. In her book she describes at length signing up with the communist party (CPUSA) and attending her first party meeting on Euclid Street at the clandestine rear-entry apartment of Charles Kramer. Her statement was, “Also in attendance were Mildred Kramer, Victor Perlo and Marion Bachrach.” Charles led the discussion of how they had to proceed with their clandestine operation, that they had to use pseudonyms, their expected contributions to the party (the Biblical 10%), and limiting their knowledge of others in case of interrogation and torture. Davis also describes the apartment:“On the floor were stacks of the Daily Worker, the thick red Communist, the red and white Communist International, the violent black and white ‘New Masses,’ and the mimeographed agitprop bulletin” (the propaganda arm of the central committee of the Russian Communist Party). Kramer and Perlo also discussed how “the workers would seize the means of education,” the failure of capitalism to correct inequalities, and that the party needed to “neutralize” potential class enemies.
    If we were to substitute the fact that Charlie Kramer was not a “communist” but was a fascist working for Adolph Hitler and the overthrow of our economic system and government, you would be horrified, but for some reason being a communist and working for Joseph Stalin toward the same ends doesn’t seem to faze you. Maybe the tangled web being woven is by you.