Sunday, July 22, 2012

Charles Kramer's ties to Obama's Health Care Program

On July 17th I was taking a Google research class and learned how to research "news" by confining the search to any date I wanted.  In doing so I came across a great photo of my father testifying at the Senate Internal Securities committee -- before Rep. Richard Nixon, I believe -- about his work in the New Deal and his ties to "communism".   Meanwhile, after finding several "news" references to my father and his "comrades" Nathan Witt andJohn Abt, all of whom worked for the Agricultural Adjustment Administration in the 30's, I casually entered my father's name in the Web search box.  Strangely enough, a story came up that astonished me.  My father wrote the original health bill in 1947 for Senator Claude Pepper of Florida that sadly wasn't passed, but that somehow is linked to Obama's health care plan.  A right-wing ideologue published a book about Frank Marshall Davis, a friend of Obama's grandfather, who this ideologue says was Obama's mentor in Hawaii when Obama was TEN YEARS OLD.  So because this man was a "communist" and knew Claude Pepper, he must have told Obama about Dad's "socialized medicine" healthcare bill.  What is the Sir Walter Scott quote-- "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!" Clearly these right-wing ideologues are so intent on discrediting Obama that they will say anything without foundation.  This man even admits he has no proof.  But meanwhile he writes an entire book.  Oh what a scary world we live in!!  Here is a website that "proves" Obama's tainted ties to caring about humanity.  Please don't believe these people.  The majority of developed countries in the world have "socialized medicine".  In fact, Obama's health care should be single-payer health care.  In fact, this is what these right-wing ideologues truly fear -- real health care for all.


  1. I really enjoyed getting to see the photo of your father.

    And, what a crazy web this Kengor is weaving in his article and book!

    I strongly agree that what we really need in the United States is a single-payer health care system that would truly provide universal coverage. I can only hope that some day the U.S. will join the many other countries that already have such care.

  2. Love your comments Jane!! I so agree. This would be so helpful to the 99%.

  3. I read with great amusement one of Charles Kramer's daughter's blog about Kramer's embryonic relationship with national health care, and the unfair treatment she perceives at his being called a "communist." I also noted what she considered an unfair attack by a "right wing ideologue" against another proponent of national health care, Frank Marshall Davis. Let's set the record straight. I knew Charlie Kramer, many of his friends and his political ideology. Take off the quotes, Charlie Kramer was a communist, as was his wife, and to not admit it is a gross miscarriage of history. I've read the voluminous KGB records, now being translated at the Library of Congress, references to sections of the Venona transcripts, and also have researched the associations he had in Washington and later in CA. In addition, the research clearly documents his refusal to testify about his communist background (pleaded the 5th regarding self-incrimination). Research shows he was a leading member of the Perlo Espionage Group and was identified as an NKVD (Soviet Secret Police) source with one of his code names as "Mole." For anyone interested in Charles Kramer, just do a Google Search and look at the facts. And remember while you are doing your research Kramer was supporting Joseph Stalin with an ideological vengeance, who clearly and without question (unless Mao is also considered) the bloodiest and most horrifying political figure the world has ever known, Hitler included. Also, the sad commentary from Charlie's daughter about Kengor's book, "The Communist," (about Frank Marshall Davis) not having any facts is just as misleading. It is a 325 page book with nothing but documentation, reprints of FMD's authored angry, anti-American diatribes (publisher of the Marxist newspaper the Chicago Star), and even includes pages from his 600-page FBI file with biographical data including his communist party membership number,,,CP#47544. He also, in fact, mentored Obama for years until Obama left for Occidental College, and not when he was 10-years old as she described. Davis is mentioned over 20 times in Obama's book, "Dreams from My Father" and had a special place in his ideological formation. There is a massive amount of factual information about FMD in print, that is not debatable. So, if you wish to use Shakespearean quotes and argue for a universal health care system, do so, but don't sugar coat history and inaccurately attack others work in so doing with your only defense being broad unsubstantiated statements. If you have a beef about any of Kengor's published work, then do your own research and prove him wrong. And lastly, if you are proud your father was a leading communist who worked for Stalin, then say so, and let people know where you're coming from.