Thursday, February 2, 2017

#IStand4Hijab #IStandWithHijabis

February 1st is World Hijab Day -- so appropriate for the times in which we are living. I tried to take photo of myself but not good at selfies, nor putting on the Hijab.  I'll get better at it I suspect as the Trump administration continues to harass and detain and demonize Islamic peoples.

A celebration took place today in Garden Grove where I believe more Islamic people live. I didn't see the same support for this here in Los Angeles, unfortunately.  
   Since February 17th, I have attended three demonstrations and a press conference protesting Trump's inhumane and mostly psychopathic policies.  Even before he was inaugurated there was evidence that he would not only do what he said, but worse. This has come true.

I am making this a very short blog so that I can publish it not too far from #IStandWithHijabis  Day.

Here are some links for more information:
Facebook World Hijab Day --  

As with everything in our world, there were also controversies.  Friends in Garden Grove had a lovely celebration with 500 people.  But in Paris at an elite university, it backfired.

I hope all of us will register a Muslims if Hrumpf starts his registry.

And to end on a particularly lovely image:


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