Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thing 18 -- Online productivity tools

I am thrilled to learn another online productivity tool with Zoho Writer. I set up an account and started a document easily, inserting an image, changing font and page layout, etc. etc. I love the idea that one can access one's documents from any computer and save them. I am going traveling for five months and wondered what would happen if my computer crashed and I lost all my work. This way my documents can be saved online. I understand there are sites you can pay a fee that will do the same, and this is probably a good idea as well. But this one is so easy to use and has many helpful features. If I get a new computer, I won't bother having to buy Office Works or expensive software programs. I have already used Google docs. with my fellow librarians and others. We have a website and google groups for our Los Angeles School Library Association. It makes communication much easier and allows for more private conversations outside the work setting.
The image you see here is the one I uploaded to Zoho for my ID because I couldn't upload my photo. Too big!

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