Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing 10 - Online Image Generators continued

The possibilities seem endless for use: create images with favorite quotations from the book you are reading; make posters with key words about a character in a book; using your photos or other photos, make a poster that encompasses facts you have learned about an animal, a country, a person. Students who don't feel they are creative can begin to be creative with these tools and feel successful. Personal uses are endless, such as this puzzle created with a photo of my granddaughter two years ago. Of course, I would have to buy it!


  1. I love this - You've inspired me to check some of the image generators in the list at school to see if they are available through the firewall.

  2. What a beautiful picture! Captures her green eyes wonderfully!

  3. I wish we could take on our school districts about all these firewall issues. I understand their thinking, but students constantly find ways to get around this, and certainly see everything when they are at home! Oh, the litigious society!