Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing 9 - Explore Blogs/Feeds

In searching for useful bogs and feeds for libraries, I found that teacher-librarian blogs are the most useful. With Bloglines, I did encounter a blog for "Criticas" - the Scholastic journal on best Spanish books for children, a source I used at work, so I added it to my Google Reader page. Using the link to award winning edu blogs, I decided to look at the nominees for best library blog for two years. My favorites were Hey Jude -- where she provided a link to a paper entitled "Future Learning in a Digital Age" by the MacArthur Foundation from http://www.futureof the and A Library By Any Other Name from Texas. The latter is at She has great links to other library blogs including Joyce Valenza, Kathy Schrock's Kaffee Klatsch, Library Stuff, Tame the Web, Weblogg-ed, and more. My favorite quote from this blog is "Patience is one of the tools you have to have in the 2.0 world." Joyce Valenza is by far my favorite although I fear it will take me too long to be able to even understand all that she does. Today she lists AASL's best websites for teaching and learning. Now how much more useful can you be! All of this takes time but I did think that looking for school library blogs is our best bet for resources.


  1. I also love Joyce Valenza's blog. Last year, I signed up for Kathy Schrock's weekly 2.0 tool of the week and that really made me look "smart" to my staff. Have you looked at iGoogle as an aggregator for your blog list? I like it better than the older Google Reader.