Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thing 13 -- Lucky # -- Del icio us and social bookmarking

I watched the videos and perused the site. I can see the advantages of especially the ability to access your bookmarks on any computer. I've often wished I had access to a favorite site when I was using someone else's computer. I also marveled at some of the favorites: seems really amazing. Of course, the best usage is educational -- for bookmarking your curricular needs. I had amazing amounts of bookmarks for Ancient Egypt (it's sixth grade curriculum -- the video said 5th??) and listed them all for my teachers. Now I find myself adding random bookmarks that need to be cataloged? would be very useful. Tagging is something I'm not quite sure about yet. I keep thinking of subject headings. What would be most useful for others to find the bookmark? Most commonly used, or most academic, or most sexy...whoops, this is an educational tool. I think I meant attractive. I didn't set up an account. Still working on some of my other tools. This does take a lot of time!!! I uploaded an image of my avatar since I can't see it on my browser.

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