Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing 11 - Web 2.0 Award-Winning Apps.

Happily I discovered that I have been using an award-winning site for at least a year -- Care 2 -- the #1 Philanthropy site. I receive daily updates through email and can easily support many causes and sign lots of petitions. I guess this makes me feel less guilty about not going out and supporting the issues that I think are important: global warming, endangered species, clean water for all, etc. etc. etc. The site is easy to use and includes interesting Health Tips that are usually not involved with traditional medicine -- natural remedies for the most part. By the way, it's at In the library setting, collaborating with a history/social science, Science, or English teacher to explore possible issues of importance that might encourage students to look beyond themselves. Several educators I have studied believe that an education that involves critical thinking and issues that affect students' lives is the most effective way to get them interested in becoming life long learners. Sorry -- that was an awkward sentence. The students could also explore Care2 to see if they agree, or if the information presented is accurate. Who is creating this information and why? I haven't joined a Ning yet, but I tried the Travel IQ game and didn't succeed beyond the second level. I have to admit I hate these games for myself, but think this might be fun for some students. I have visited and lived in many places on the globe, but I couldn't react fast enough on Travel IQ.
(The image you see here is similar to one I have in my living room -- these are papier mache life-size "enramadas" from Mexico by famous folk artists. Just to catch your eye!)

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